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Shengli Abrasive & Adhesive Co., Ltd. is professional supplier of Masking Film and Adhesive Cloth Tapes. Our Pre-Folded Masking Film and Pre-taped Masking Film are easy masker protection for House Paint, Flooring, Construction, Marine, Automobile paint.


We also supply Natural Rubber Adhesive Cloth tape, Duct Tape, Masking tape, Gaffers Tape, Fine line painters tape, Fluorescent Spike Tape, Chroma Key Tape.

Masking Tape: Clean removal for long period without residue.

Fine line painters tape: should be the masking tape for perfect crisp lines.

Gaffer tape : Matt finished cloth tape--doesn't reflect light;

Stage tape, Camera tape: Strong cloth tape in many colors - use for stage marking & color coding;

Spike tape : Narrow, colored gaffer tape for Stage marking;

Chroma key tape: The specially blue color Gaffer taper for Chroma key use.


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